Winter 2016-17

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    Reserved for changelog. All backlog changes would be reflected here.

    January, 7, HYBRID BEING
    * Removed Gugure! Kokkuri-san (Fall 2014), because Anime-Koi is dead and haven’t finished it. Only HS finished the series.

  • Raw and juicy

    Doki did Gugure! BDs


      Thanks for the notice!
      As credited by Doki, script is from CR, unedited (almost?), but with styling, typesetting and OP/ED. They also plan to do specials.
      Doesn’t warrant comparison, but Doki is an obvious choice for Gugure.

  • Koby

    Blue Exorcist poll is for Demi-chan.

    These might just not have been made yet, but ACCA, Fuuka, and LWA doesn’t have a poll listed though comparisons are up for them.

    • AstralNova

      Hey Koby!

      We’re currently in the process of changing our poll plugin so they may not work as intended at the moment.




      Thank you for being vigilant!
      Everything should work fine now, but please let us know if you notice anything weird.
      As for the new polls – there is now no need to reset the votes to add groups, and besides, you can now re-vote. Existing polls will be gradually reconfigured to allow re-voting.

  • Can u sub duel masters vsrf please

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