Fall 2016

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    Koneko no Chii comparison when someone will start releasing full Amazon rip or at least suitable raws for Amazon script.

  • Ralon17

    If you guys get around to it, I’d love to see a Crunchy/HS vs Chyuu vs Chihiro comparison for Shuumatsu no Izetta.


      Seems like AstralNova started doing it but didn’t finish it for some reason. If i won’t get a hold of him by tomorrow, i’ll take a look myself.

      • AstralNova

        Hi Ralon17 and HYBRID BEING,

        Shuumatsu no Izetta has been on my list for a while, however, I had to postpone it due to Chihiro stalling at the first episode. Unfortunately, this means that only HS and Chyuu will be available for the time being. You should see the comparisons from me later today or tomorrow.

        Apologies for not keeping to daily comparisons, I’ve had no power for a few days due to heavy storms and exams. HYBRID BEING, feel free to take over if you believe it’s for the best.

        I hope you can understand.

        Thank you,


  • Koby

    Any chance for a Drifters comparison between HS, Some-Stuff, and Bakemono?

    • AstralNova

      Hi Koby,

      We seem to get a lot of anime comparison requests here, so I’d like to inform you and everyone else that if an anime season has at least two different english scripts (Funi/CR/Amazon/etc and a fansub) then it will more than likely have a comparison. Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact time on when you’ll see these comparisons, but I’ll compare Drifters for you, shortly. However, I’m unable to compare Bakemono fansubs as they don’t have EP 2 out yet. You can also click here and you’ll see what anime will be on our list to be compared.



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