Ampersand HorribleSubs
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Filename: [&] Bananya – 03 [720p][ADD8EC91].mkv
File size: 52.7 MiB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Crunchyroll Edit
Japanese: No Honorifics, Western name order
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Fast
Alternate Track: 'Fun' subtitle track is to be used with 'Fun' audio track, contains memes
Note: Fun/No Fun audio track and subtitles included.
Filename: [HorribleSubs] Bananya – 03 [720p].mkv
File size: 41.3 MiB
Format: H264
Translation: Crunchyroll
Japanese: No Honorifics, Western name order
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: None
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: No
Speed: Fast
Bananya/Ampersand 01.png Bananya/Ampersand 02.png Bananya/Ampersand 03.png Bananya/Ampersand 04.png Bananya/Ampersand 05.png Bananya/Ampersand 06.png Bananya/Ampersand 07.png Bananya/Ampersand 08.png Bananya/Ampersand 09.png Bananya/Ampersand 10.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 01.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 02.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 03.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 04.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 05.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 06.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 07.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 08.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 09.png Bananya/HorribleSubs 10.png

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