Comet Lucifer

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Filename: [GJM] Comet Lucifer – 04 [ED564C95].mkv
File size: 524 MB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Crunchyroll
Japanese: No Honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Medium
Filename: [HorribleSubs] Comet Lucifer – 04 [720p].mkv
File size: 323 MB
Format: H264
Translation: Crunchyroll
Japanese: No Honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: N/A
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: No
Speed: Fast
Comet Lucifer/GJM 01361.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 01735.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 02652.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 03112.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 03664.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 04409.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 04671.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 07306.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 09314.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 10217.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 15694.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 16065.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 20281.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 21804.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 22490.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 31289.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 31905.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 33279.png Comet Lucifer/GJM 33943.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 01385.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 01758.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 02663.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 03145.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 03696.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 04434.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 04695.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 07330.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 09339.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 10241.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 15718.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 16088.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 20306.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 21825.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 22511.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 31312.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 31928.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 33303.png Comet Lucifer/HorribleSubs 33963.png

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Comet Lucifer

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5 comments to Comet Lucifer

  • slappertj

    Anything Fyurie is involved in always has an ridiculously excessive amount of pointless linebreaks.
    It’s as if his only role in fansubbing is to make everything two lines.

    If that doesn’t trigger your OCD and you don’t mind the wait, then GJM is a safe bet.

    • If that’s all you think I do on shows, you’d be way out. That’s literally the last thing I do on a release.

      Almost all of those two-liners were already two liners, or very wide one-liners that are hard to read.

      I’m glad to see people hate on me for making subtitles more readable, though. That’s a nice touch.

      • slappertj

        Hi Fyurie,

        Thanks for responding.
        I know that adding linebreaks isn’t all you would do, that was said in jest. However, your releases do have an abnormally large amount of two-liners.

        As for readability, that’s a personal preference I guess. I’d prefer a single line than short double lines everywhere. I guess it’s all about eyeball fitness (if there’s such a thing). I can read a wide line of text, I don’t need it condensed into a blob in my central vision. I really don’t know enough about anatomy to be saying this, but perhaps people that can’t read a long line of text spend too much time staring at a single spot.

        But like I implied, linebreaks aren’t a deal breaker unless you’re OCD, I was merely pointing out my observation about something common to all GJM releases.

        • Yeah, don’t mind me. I’ve been hearing it a lot in the recent past so I perhaps bit a little too hard.

          I was actually asked about this a little while ago, and I gave some examples of what i look for/why, and what the appropriate fix would be.

 – If you’re interested.

          tl;dr: it’s about making it easier for all viewers to follow. I don’t think it’s a bad practice, and more subbers should pay attention to it.

          • slappertj

            We’re cool, bro.

            Adopting formatting that makes it easier for everyone isn’t a bad idea at all.
            And to be honest, if having frequent linebreaks were the rule rather than the exception, I wouldn’t have commented on it, I’d be used to it.

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