Glue HorribleSubs
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Filename: [Glue] DAYS – 03 [720p][13F3250D].mkv
File size: 223 MiB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Crunchyroll Edit
Japanese: No honorifics, Japanese name order
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Fast
Filename: [HorribleSubs] DAYS – 03 [720p].mkv
File size: 328 MiB
Format: H264
Translation: Crunchyroll
Japanese: Honorifics, Japanese name order
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: N/A
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: No
Speed: Fast
DAYS/Glue 00816.png DAYS/Glue 02240.png DAYS/Glue 02908.png DAYS/Glue 04896.png DAYS/Glue 06468.png DAYS/Glue 06541.png DAYS/Glue 10891.png DAYS/Glue 12684.png DAYS/Glue 12699.png DAYS/Glue 13930.png DAYS/Glue 14050.png DAYS/Glue 14289.png DAYS/Glue 14309.png DAYS/Glue 14422.png DAYS/Glue 15622.png DAYS/Glue 21805.png DAYS/Glue 26314.png DAYS/Glue 26541.png DAYS/Glue 28306.png DAYS/Glue 33956.png DAYS/Glue 34644.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 00817.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 02241.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 02909.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 04897.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 06469.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 06542.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 10892.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 12685.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 12700.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 13931.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 14051.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 14290.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 14310.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 14423.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 15623.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 21806.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 26315.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 26542.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 28307.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 33957.png DAYS/HorribleSubs 34645.png

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