– A fansub comparison site!

With the closure of ji-hi and subcompare, I am designing a new fansub comparison site. I have done the screenshots for Red Data Girl, but before I proceed, I want your feedback on the design of this site.

Ji-hi and subcompare used horizontal comparison (where you compare left and right). I have included a vertical mode (where you compare up and down). I want to know which one you prefer. I have also included a scroll assisting script called flickable(), which is on by default. You can choose to switch it off by changing the URL. I’d also like to know if flickable() should be kept, or removed.

Obviously the homepage of the site isn’t very useful right now. There will be a better page with all of the current season’s shows on display once I have finalized the design of the individual comparison page.

Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

Vertical comparison and flickable() on

Vertical comparison and flickable() off

Please leave feedback here!

Note: I will optimise screenshot size for a 1080p screen. For 3 groups on 1 show, the screenshot size is 560×315. For 2, it’ll be bigger, probably 848×480. For 4 or more groups, scrolling will be required. As it happens, lightbox slightly conflicts with flickable(). The scripts will detect a mouseclick, whether it’s for flickable or image selection…

I am working on the site at the moment, things may look a bit strange!

46 comments to – A fansub comparison site!

  • danuchiha99

    So, what’s next and how come the bottom scroll isn’t at the bottom? (If you know what I mean)

    • Holo

      If the scroll was at the bottom, the comment box moves with the page. This way, only the screenshots move, and the rest of the page stays still.

  • Aaron

    This is great, and i like horizontal

  • Gideon-san

    Nice.. I prefer the Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

  • Thelight52

    Nice site man, i prefer the horizontal mode 😀

  • Somebody

    I liked the way Ji-hi did it, so Horizontal comparison. As for flickable, I’m not seeing any difference on or off.

  • winnie

    I prefer horizontal comparison ^^

  • Rokudaime

    Awesome! ^^ I definitely prefer Horizontal with flickable on.

  • eigilh

    Good initiative to do this site. I prefer flickable off, because flickable on doesn’t work on iPad.

  • Ascoat

    Personally, I like the flickable vertical, but I don’t mind having to go configure it if something else’s the consensus.

    I’m not sure how hard it would be to automate, but ideally there would be audio clips to go along with subtitled screenshots. Written Japanese would work too, but of course that couldn’t be automated.

  • jrdp_18

    When there’s lots of groups doing the sub, vertical is better.
    Flickable is good too but there’s still some bugs.
    About the scroll bar, how about placing it at the bottom of the browser? (I really mean the browser, not the page.) I have to scroll way down to get to it when flickable is being douchy.

    • Holo

      When the scroll is at the bottom of the page, the comment area and header will scroll too, which is undesirable. Here, only the screenshots scroll.

  • mizulach

    I prefer, Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

  • tormaid

    I like the vertical layouts better, but I like the stats at the top, as they were with the older comparison sites. However, you really need to remove CRF from those; that has no bearing on anything without the context of the other x264 settings, and only serves to fuel butthurt leechers who don’t know anything about encoding.

  • M4sturCheef

    I prefer, vertical comperison and flickable() on; I think the compare is much easier and more goups can be compared.

  • Anon

    Could you also upload audio excerpts at points when the screenshots are taken? Otherwise it’s impossible to compare the translation. Yes, most people won’t probably use that, but for those of us that know enough Japanese to be able to judge the quality of translation it will be immensely helpful.

    Also, there is no indication whenever the files are chaptered or not. (This is pretty useful for skipping OPs and EDs; on MPlayer you can skip to next chapter with Shift + 2)

  • Deva

    It’s great site, so we can decide what fansubs we should take for the anime we watch.I prefer Vertical comparison with flickable off

    By the way, are gonna comparing fansubs for the anime before Spring 2013 ?

  • Riblit

    i like Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

  • Qrius


    Having to avoid clicking on the screenshots is a bit annoying though… Still, great job!

    • Holo

      I am going to add a button to turn the lightbox on and off I think, then you could switch it off and click the images to flick().

  • Links don’t work, no RDG comparison on site anywhere I can see now.

  • Switches

    Here’s my suggestion. The “flick system” is terrible. I don’t like it one bit. Please add an option for a horizontal scroll bar.

    Taking out a horizontal bar is like taking out the “Start Menu” for Windows. What you are doing, in my opinion, is exactly what Microsoft did with Windows 8.

    If you believe “flick” is a great tool, then at least add the scroll bar as well. Heck, what is the point of a “disable button” in the first place? I do not intend on hurting anyone’s feelings, I just feel agitated that a horizontal scroll bar is not present. I prefer to do things the manual way, not with automatic tools.

    With a horizontal scroll bar, I don’t have to accidentally click an image while “flicking”, if you know what I mean.

    I hope you take my comment into consideration.

    • Holo

      Noted. I’ll spend the next week or so getting all the comparison shots added, then I’ll work on making the site more user friendly.

      • Switches

        Now that I’m back home, I feel relieved knowing that I am staring at a widescreen monitor (easier to compare screenshots). In simple terms, take your time. ^o^

  • Urizithar

    Good point. I also think there is a lot of small things to improve but there will be like two and a half months to do it till next season. For now you should mostly concentrate on catching up with actual comparisons.

    I’m little sad that people choose horizontal over vertical. For me it was much better to compare images verticaly. Habit?

  • Might I suggest adding some js to the page that allows me to press 1 through 0 to get the relevant screenshot, once in fullsize?

    I.e open up Devil Survivor, click first screen and it says 1 of 5 below the full size image. Pressing 1 to 5 would display the relevant group’s image, to more easily compare two individual groups.

  • Pelfmiester

    Horizontal and vertical each have pros and cons. Is there a way to make a checkbox for horizontal and vertical like you did with the flickable checkbox? If so, I think that would be the best way to go about it. Either way thanks for the site.

  • Pelfmiester

    Horizontal seems to be the most popular, but what I like about vertical is scrolling up and down on the mouse when comparing subs is easier than dragging over back and forth. Yes you’d have to drag for the next comparison, but you have to do that less than when actually comparing.

  • H_B

    Hey, Holo, if you’ll be late for the next season would you drop all the unfinished comparisons?

  • It’d be nice if you added support for the “official” streaming sites, just to see how they compare.
    I mean, Shingeki no Kyoujin has had more than its fair share of controversy this season. But in my opinion, Funimation’s translation is ahead of everyone else’s (even CR’s) by a fair margin. As a fan of SnK with a working understanding of moon, I can’t watch anything but their fugly 360p stream.

    At any rate, thanks for bringing another comparison site. I hope you don’t let it die too easily.
    It’d be nice too if you had a horizontal scrollbar up top, by the way.

    • Pelfmiester

      First, I have little trust in your taste since you seem to favor CR translations. Just had to get that out of the way. Second, that’s pretty much the purpose of including Horrible Subs, because they ARE the official sub rips, so there wouldn’t be a point to adding Horrible Subs and ‘official subs’, because it would be the same thing twice.

      • Pelfmiester

        Though, now that I look at it, appearantly, Holo didn’t include the Horrible Subs screencaps for SnK.

      • They’re AN official release, more than one company is doing their own official stream. And Funi’s has been the best overall in terms of translation.
        Sadly, even CR has done a better job. gg being sloppy and needing multiple extra versions, commie being retarded and pretending later they were only trolling, evetaku plaigiarizing scanlations, and the other two being generally mediocre overall drove me to that conclusion.

  • H_B

    Guess i’m being pushy, but don’t get discouraged, Holo, there is still at least a little demand for comparisons.

  • zeil

    maybe you need staf to help you..

  • Urizithar

    Well, not something I was expecting of this site. What’s the point of starting something you don’t have time to work on?

  • jellodrag

    can someone please for the love of christ sub MAGI: SINBAD NO BOUKEN (TV)

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