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  • terry

    I want to join your fansub group


      If you meant Doki (which IS a fansub group) or (which doesn’t sub anything, but instead compares releases) you should contact Holo at as he’s a lead of both teams.
      If you meant any other group though you should visit their site and ask there.

  • Mushi

    are you guys shorthanded? i see many fansub havent been compared

  • nina

    hi,i want to know which Fansub Groups will release en sub “Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha”anime?

    • Gee_Man

      The HorribleSubs release, which is a rip of the CR simulcast, is out now. Otherwise, the only group that has announced its intent to sub it is DameDesuYo, who subbed the PV. The show only just aired, so some other groups might sub it without any prior announcement.

      You can check which groups are subbing or intend to sub what here:
      Though, again, not all groups announce their subbing plans until they’ve released an episode of the show, so shows that have only just or are yet to air may not have all the groups listed that will eventually sub them.

  • which fansub group can i join?


      We do not collect and provide info on fansub groups. The original purpose of this page were tags for groups, but it kinda got deserted and broken. I’ve reminded Holo about this page, so sooner or later it’ll get fixed.