Q: When will you add comparison for anime X?

A: When we get around to it (if there are releases worth comparing).


Q: Why is group X not shown for anime Y?

A: Releases for each anime are double-checked weekly for first 3-4 weeks. Also, if a group does not post on popular trackers (like Tokyo-Tosho, Nyaas or Mangadex), or not mentioned on AniDB, we might miss it. You can comment on the relevant comparison post and we may add them in the future.


Q: Why OP/ED lyrics for group X says Simple Softsub when they have karaoke, effects, are provided in both languages, etc?

A: Simple/Complex refers to the way subtitles are coded, not how they look. This might have effect on performance (complex softsub may lag on weak PCs). Can’t really explain it well, but take a look at subs in Aegisub, you’ll see the difference.


Q: How do you measure speed?

A: Fast – released on the day of airing or next day, normal – 2-3 days, slow – anything more. Also, BD for BD releases in backlog comparisons.


Q: Do you have a IRC channel?

A: #fansub.co@irc.rizon.net

9 comments to FAQs

  • Kasen

    i recommend have a censorship section on the comparism so fans can see which fansub is censored which are not 🙂


      Better late than never.
      The difference in censorship will be shown with screenshots, if there is one. In case there is no difference, we might try to pinch in a censorship sample, but only in case there is something else to compare.

  • Suggestin' for a livin'

    I think that a specific session for BD releases would be great, since they’re usually the “ultimate” versions, with extras, fixes from TV releases, lossless audio (most times comes in FLAC), uncensorship, most times more dedication with the type-setting, translation and quality check and, last but not least, no TV Watermark.
    People who really look for quality might wanna compare BD releases (from shows that have’em, of course) most than compare TV releases.

  • Anonymous

    >I think that a specific session for BD releases would be great
    Most BD releases just use another sub group’s TV script and fix them up a little, so I guess the logic is that if they’ve already compared the tv versions, you may as well just use which ever BD group is using the best tv script (this is what BD groups do anyway).

    Also, there really isn’t that much competition when it comes to BD releases. Groups tend to sometimes do BDs of their own releases (ie., DameDesuYo, Commie, EveTaku, Doki etc.) and groups like Coalgirls and FFF use the best tv subs and don’t do the BDs if anyone else is already doing them (as in, if Commie subbed the tv series and decided to pick up the BDs as well, groups like FFF won’t also do the BDs).

    Could be cool, though, but I would prefer to see more time dedicated to tv comparisons, since that’s where there is the most competition for subs groups.

  • qgustavor

    What determines the speed? I checked some anime and seems that, for a normal weekly anime, taking up to 2 days is fast, 3-7 days is medium and more than 7 days is slow. Is it right?


      Fast – released on the day of airing or next day, normal – 2-3 days, slow – anything more. Oh, and BD for backlog BD releases. Probably should put it up here.

  • frjoethesecond

    Is this project dead? If so, any alternatives pop up yet?

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