Made in Abyss

HorribleSubs Scum
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Filename: [HorribleSubs] Made in Abyss – 04 [720p].mkv
File size: 310 MiB
Format: H264
Translation: Sentai
Japanese: No honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed (Romaji)
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: No
Speed: Fast
Filename: [Scum] Made in Abyss – 04 [WEB][6D0FF13A].mkv
File size: 684 MiB
Format: Hi444PP
Translation: Sentai minor edit
Japanese: No honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed (English)
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Fast
Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 001507.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 003236.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 004883.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 004952.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 006801.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 016529.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 016734.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 019151.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 029203.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 030180.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 032052.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 034068.png Made in Abyss/HorribleSubs 035445.png Made in Abyss/Scum 001483.png Made in Abyss/Scum 003212.png Made in Abyss/Scum 004859.png Made in Abyss/Scum 004928.png Made in Abyss/Scum 006777.png Made in Abyss/Scum 016505.png Made in Abyss/Scum 016710.png Made in Abyss/Scum 019127.png Made in Abyss/Scum 029179.png Made in Abyss/Scum 030156.png Made in Abyss/Scum 032028.png Made in Abyss/Scum 034043.png Made in Abyss/Scum 034044.png

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Made in Abyss

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2 comments to Made in Abyss

  • anon

    you’re comparing the 720p release from horriblesubs to the 900p release from scum. why not use the 1080p release from horriblesubs? at least they’re about the same filesize.

    i remain,


      Sorry for late reply.
      We try to use the most “popular” resolution among the selected groups, but when there is an equal amount of releases in different resolutions (900p is right in-between 720p and 1080p, so it’s equally close to both) we gear towards lower ones. That saves a bit on image filesizes – Scum’s 900p images are already twice as big as HS’s 720p ones, 1080p images would be even bigger than that.

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