Red Data Girl

Commie FFF Kaylith-Oni
Flickable (Click between screenshots to drag!):
Filename: [Commie] Red Data Girl – 01 [043C47ED].mkv
File size: 405 MB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Original
Japanese: No honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Fast
Filename: [FFF] Red Data Girl – 01 [EA5BADED].mkv
File size: 430 MB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Original
Japanese: Honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Simple softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Varies
Filename: [Kaylith-Oni]_Red_Data_Girl_-_01_[720p][F981E9B3].mkv
File size: 353 MB
Format: Hi10P
Translation: Original
Japanese: Honorifics
English: American English
OP/ED Lyrics: Complex softsubbed
Encoding: Pastebin
Chaptered: Yes
Speed: Varies
Red Data Girl/Commie 00566.png Red Data Girl/Commie 01400.png Red Data Girl/Commie 02173.png Red Data Girl/Commie 03070.png Red Data Girl/Commie 05457.png Red Data Girl/Commie 06911.png Red Data Girl/Commie 09190.png Red Data Girl/Commie 09679.png Red Data Girl/Commie 14452.png Red Data Girl/Commie 16788.png Red Data Girl/Commie 17461.png Red Data Girl/Commie 20231.png Red Data Girl/Commie 20514.png Red Data Girl/Commie 22274.png Red Data Girl/Commie 23725.png Red Data Girl/Commie 26991.png Red Data Girl/Commie 27633.png Red Data Girl/Commie 32833.png Red Data Girl/Commie 33602.png Red Data Girl/Commie 34213.png Red Data Girl/FFF 00566.png Red Data Girl/FFF 01400.png Red Data Girl/FFF 02173.png Red Data Girl/FFF 03070.png Red Data Girl/FFF 05457.png Red Data Girl/FFF 06911.png Red Data Girl/FFF 09190.png Red Data Girl/FFF 09679.png Red Data Girl/FFF 14452.png Red Data Girl/FFF 16788.png Red Data Girl/FFF 17461.png Red Data Girl/FFF 20231.png Red Data Girl/FFF 20514.png Red Data Girl/FFF 22274.png Red Data Girl/FFF 23725.png Red Data Girl/FFF 26991.png Red Data Girl/FFF 27633.png Red Data Girl/FFF 32833.png Red Data Girl/FFF 33602.png Red Data Girl/FFF 34213.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 00566.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 01400.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 02173.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 03070.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 05457.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 06911.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 09190.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 09679.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 14452.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 16788.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 17461.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 20231.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 20514.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 22274.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 23725.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 26991.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 27633.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 32833.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 33602.png Red Data Girl/Kaylith-Oni 34213.png

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Red Data Girl

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45 comments to Red Data Girl

  • Can I suggest putting the screenshots in the order they appear in the video?

  • snooze

    One group per vertical selection is the best format.

  • evy

    Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

    Vertical comparisons are hard on the eyes.

  • NissanNut

    I’m still used to horizontal, but I can see how vertical would look great with a tablet. flickable() is a great idea and makes me wonder why such a thing wasn’t used before.

  • Dragon Sama

    I would recomend adding links or information such that as the AniDB or ANN Page for the series, also have a comparison of release dates.

  • SomeoneElse

    I like this view best, but the images need to be table bound so that when they load asynchronously, the images to be compared load beside the area where it’s match will load.

  • SomeoneElse

    Also, At the top should be a list of items which can be compared, by group, from which you can select two, and that would bring the two versions up side by side, this could be accomplished by using hidden elements… checkboxes would make a good default interface control, but that way you can bring up axb or axc or axd or bxc or bxd or cxd etcetera.

  • Rokudaime

    This is great stuff! Also, this is the type of view I prefer. Horizontal with flickable on.

  • shani

    I see FFF having a typo in their typesetting. Oh, well. I like them for their fast releases anyways. So, my vote would obviously go for them.
    As for comment on the site, I think horizontal comparison is better.

  • Fishmoose

    The summary for Kaylith-Oni seems to be incorrect; they do have honorifics, at least in the screenshots.

  • Someone

    Perhaps you could make the bottom scroll at the bottom of the webpage and not where it is so you can scroll left to right and up and down more easily? Or am I missing something?

  • Volture

    >make own subcomparison site
    >this shit comes
    >by fucking Doki
    Welp, GG me.

  • Else

    i think horizontal with flickable is best. found the vertical a bit confusing to the eyes.
    and vertical with flickable has one other minor problem. when you click and drag to scroll sideways; if you clicked on the picture, the picture gets enlarged. so you would need to avoid clicking the picture while scrolling. i dont know how it works with touch screen, but it doesnt work well with mouse.

  • Telephone

    I really like horizontal and don’t like vertical much at all. Vertical is too hard to scroll through.

  • Solaristics

    I find that having to scroll down just to move the screen over is rather annoying. Is there any way to fix that or will it have to be done that way?

  • guilt

    I guess I’ll vote for Vertical comparison and flickable() on mode. Because in my browser the horizontal still extended too much, and i can’t even see more than one full pic. I can’t compare those images like that!
    The vertical allows me to compare pics by 3 fansubs in one screen, so it’s WAY easier to look.

    Anyway, thank you for doing this! I really appreciate you guys! Hope you can continue to post more comparison here ^^

  • agular

    Horizontal with flickable on, definitely. I like the poll idea. Hope it last.

  • shawurai

    The default horizontal layout looks great. Easy to view this way. I didn’t notice much change wish flickable() on or off, scrolling the screens is easy enough in both situations but I honestly don’t like the vertical layout that much.

  • Looks great and I prefer the horizontal scroll than vertical. Only thing I could say is to keep the file details fixed at the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll back up to see it.

  • Lvxi

    Definitely horizontal with flickable on, but as stated before, the images can cause a little frustration.

  • Yanaro

    This looks great but it’s a bit hard to scroll horizontally.

  • Mistborn

    This view is good, but I found an issue with clickable: it doesn’t work with fullscreen mode (F11) – so if you used it in normal window and then switched to fullscreen, images might be stuck outside of window. Don’t know enough scripting or w/e it was written in to debug the problem, but still 🙂
    Another thing – while this seems better than vertical, the lack of a horizontal scroll bar (unless it’s the last row) is annoying. Yes, that’s where clickable comes in, but it’s not that intuitive yet. Is there a way to provide a floating scroll bar? i.e. one that stays in a fixed position, much like a fixed background picture.

    • Mistborn

      Another thing – maybe if you explain to “click between the screenshots” instead of “click on the white area”, it would be better understood… I’ve tried using it several times without success until I found what area you need to click and what it does ^_^

  • Seba

    It is very useful and I really love the horizontal comparison with vertical scrolling.

    In my opinion, the biggest issue with the vertical comparison is that you need to click somewhere inside that area so that you can scroll with the arrows. Otherwise you need to use the mouse to drag the bar, which I believe nobody does or at least would like to do. Probably using the wheel to scroll within that section could be a fair enough workaround but I still prefer the horizontal comparison and flickable on option.

    One little note, the horizontal scroll bar is visible even when there is nothing to scroll. I think there is an “overflow-x” where is shouldn’t be.

    I am using Chrome on Linux.

  • Aaron

    Holo, I just wanna say thank you for this great site!

  • billy

    nice work, thanks

  • Nice job!
    I preffer the flickable horizontal comparison, it’s waaay better than the vertical one.

    Just one thing. The screenshots from Kaylith-Oni are chopped (at least here). I have to go waaaay down to roll that thingy or uncheck Commie/FFF to I’ll be able to see them. Is there no way to fix this? I’m using Chrome, if that’ll help something.

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    This is a great idea, as long as you include ALL subbed anime from a season, and not just the comparisons for the series that Doki are doing.

    Horizontal mode, just the same as ji-hi and subcompare is definitely better. I can get 3 groups pics on screen at the same time that way, with vertical I can only get 2.

    Don’t care one way or other for flickable.

    I hope you are going to include the option to enable/disable groups in the chart like both ji-hi and subcompare had? This made it much easier to slowly eliminate groups while comparing until I got down to just the best ones to make a pick from.

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    Sorry, ignore tha last paragraph in my previous comment, I just saw it at the top of the screen. Thanks!

  • lonewolf

    Guys what’s ur opinion on subs lol (I know site setup is important but talk about subs too :P)

  • Master Shadow

    Not a fan of the flickable thing. On my 32 in monitor @ 1920×1080 I can’t ‘flick’ it so that the 3 columns are centered. It’s either way off to the left cutting part of the left column off or way off to the right cutting the right column off. Would be better if The flicking would rest on the center of the selected groups.

    Also, it doesn’t seem that you can reenable flicking by the enable button after disabling it.

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