Summer 2016

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  • monstervong

    I see the site is active but no one is updating it.

    • AstralNova

      Hello monstervong,

      HYBRID BEING was updating this season’s anime last I recall, so I’m unsure why he hasn’t updated them recently.

      If this continues to happen for much longer, I’ll start updating the site again as I did with last season. So you can expect one anime comparison per day.

      Are there any particular anime comparisons you would like to see? I’ll see to it if HYBRID BEING doesn’t.



      • monstervong

        Thanks. There’s a few I’d like to see compared:
        – Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
        – Orange
        – Amanchu

        • HYBRID BEING

          Hey monstervong, it’s true that my pace did slowed down to a crawl, and while i do smaller updates here and there, it’s been a while since last comparison. I hoped srsfknbzns would give me a hand, but it seems he’s preoccupied with RL at the moment. But with AstralNova around we’ll see more comparisons very soon (i wish i’d be as fast as him :C ).
          BTW, expect Kono Bijutsubu this weekend, after i finish Taboo-Tattoo.

          • monstervong

            No worries. Just trying to keep a track of which sub groups are still active. Heroine just hung up their gloves and Hiryuu has gone missing again.

          • moozooh

            Nice! Could you do 91 Days in foreseeable future? There are something like three groups subbing it, perhaps the most groups on a show this season. Thanks in any case.

            • AstralNova

              No problem at all, I’ve just uploaded the comparison for you along with Orange and Amanchu!. (Special thanks to HYBRID BEING for fixing up my mistake and doing Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!!)

  • anon

    Hitori no Shita: The Outcast?


      Oh, thanks for the heads up, missed Koby, since his releases weren’t mentioned on AniDB. Added to the list now (no estimations on when it’ll be done atm though 🙁 ).

  • Thiago

    Hey, I’ve just found out about this fansubs comparison, it’s so useful, thank you for your work! There are just 2 things that i didn’t quite understand, what do the comparison categories ‘Chaptered’ and ‘Speed’ exactly mean? I’m guessing ‘Speed’ refers to how long the subs stay on screen but I could be wrong, and i have no idea what ‘Chaptered’ means xD

    • srsfknbzns

      Speed is how fast the fansubber releases an episode after it airs. Chaptered is whether the file has chapters so you can quickly get to designated point in the video such as the beginning or end of the OP/ED themes or the next episode preview.

    • Koby

      And the ‘speed’ listed isn’t very accurate anyways. Some of my stuff gets listed as slow, even when a few times I’ve released faster than HorribleSubs, while HorribleSubs is always listed as fast. =P


        Sorry for late reply.
        Yeah, Speed only shows how fast the episode in question was released (Note aside, header describes only one episode after all). While we haven’t agreed on one thing (you can guess things are pretty lax here), i mark it like this: release on air date or next day – fast, two days after that – normal, everything else – slow. Also, i mark BD releases simply as “BD”, for i compare them only for stuff in backlog or if group skips TV version.

  • HFC

    Thank you AstralNova and HYBRID BEING for spending your own free time to create these comparisons! They’re very useful!

    Can you guys please create a comparison for Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi? It would be cool to see a comparison between tenshi and Bakemono.

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