Summer 2017

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  • Sparky Kestrel

    So this site is dead?

    • monstervong

      Looks that way. Fansubbing in general has died down a lot recently so no point in this site if there’s only one group doing a show plus official subs are getting better.

      • AstralNova

        Hi there,

        Rest assured that this site is not completely dead. I can’t explain the absence of the other staff, but I’ve personally been busy with other things for a while now. If there are a reasonable amount of fansubs this season, I will do my best to compare them. Feel free to request which anime you would like compared first and I’ll try and get to it for you.


        • Metalkira

          Hi AstralNova I admire people like you who go out of their way to sub rare old school anime. Is it possible you can sub a 70s anime called Samurai Giants made by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki?


        Well, me and AstralNova might be the only ones around. I haven’t heard from srsfknbzns in a while (although he’s on IRC frequently (as NuOne)), and Sally said that he is leaving (he’s the only one to admit it, haha). So, you can see we are never overstaffed and always welcome everyone who wishes to give us a hand.
        As for me, job’s keeping me busy, so much that i haven’t even watched any shows since summer ;_; Not even sure how long it’s gonna take me, but i’m not giving up on yet.

  • mfsuk

    Can anyone help here for subbing an old anime Miracle Giants Dome-ku. I have the full anime and it’s all in Japanese?

  • Anonymous

    You guys should do Beatless, 3 fansub groups jumped on that one.

  • Liam.M

    Hi there! I’ve never requested a series to be fan subbed before, but I’m hoping you guys, or if not you, some other group you could ask, would be able to fan sub an anime that for some reason Japan is pretending to ignore! All the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube, yet for some reason, only 4 of the 39 episodes of this show have been subbed. The rest is RAW episodes, and since I’m a big fan of Dinosaurs, this is one that needs to be subbed! I hoping someone here will at least take a look at this anime using the link I’ll provide to the playlist I found them. Please let me know if there’s anything you can do about subbing it. Thank you, and I’ll await your reply! 83

    Link To Playlist:

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